How to make the CTags plugin default disabled for only KDevelop, but not Kate?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Jul 18 17:18:14 BST 2019

Am Montag, 15. Juli 2019, 15:09:44 CEST schrieb René J.  V. Bertin:
> Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > plugin, it has been ack'd by two KDevelop maintainers, one with explicit
> > comment on the merge request itself to read for everyone.
> I did not see a merge or other kind of review request. IRC is not the place
> for that kind of thing but if one was made on Phab I have to take back my
> remark, and wonder why I didn't get it.

This triggered to sent a reminder to the mailinglist that KDevelop is part of 
the KDE gitlab test repos. Given you replied 4x on the announcement in 
January, it's a bit surprising this slipped your attention again, but such 
things happen to all of us.

> > triggered here (+1 for that), then simply turned the back at the 
> > when review process was not straight-forward, letting all users run into
> > this
> I didn't create the bug which causes the duplicate menu items and as such
> only felt obliged to provide the solution I came up myself, which already
> took me long enough.

When you are the one to uncover and expose an old bug by some new code/
feature, it becomes your bug. Like it or not.
Like if you find poison in your garden from ancient owners, it becomes your 
poison and your responsibility if you share fruits from your ground. Saying, 
uh, it tried to have the poison removed, but nobody yet okayed the method 
proposed, will keep it you having knowingly distributed poisoned fruits.

I doubt as user or co-contributor you yourself would be fine with someone 
else saying, he, I invested a day, so my duty is done, not my fault if no-one 
was yet pleased with the result of my work, now it's okay if everyone runs 
into a broken system, may they ensure to have the bug fixed for themselves or 
invest all into finding local work-arounds to unbreak their system, until 
someone deals with the bug and makes sure it is fixed finally. While they 
happily use their patched system and do not care otherwise.

For me that's not the cooperation we need and want.

> > one uses the ctags plugin only, making them look broken. More, by the
> > plugin injecting a "CTags" entry prominently visible in the main menu bar
> I'm not certain where that comes from

This comes from the ui.rc file for the ctags plugin defining a toplevel menu
    <Menu name="CTags Menubar">

Which both for Kate & KDevelop results in the main menu getting a "CTags" 
toplevel menu inserted once the plugin is activated and thus injects its 
kxmlgui data. It's like that for years.
One has to have some local overwrite of the ui.rc file to not have that 

> > cheap hack, running against the design of KDevelop and screwing normal
> > user
> > experience.
> CTags may seem like a cheap hack

I did not say ctags is a cheap hack, but triggering the integration of the 
CTags plugin into KDevelop, as undocumented isolated system next to the 
DUChain system.


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