D22477: Add a config to only show completions matching word beginning

Sven Brauch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jul 16 10:32:48 BST 2019

brauch added a comment.

  I'm not sure if this solves the right problem.
  Where I notice this issue a lot is when typing "return". The keyword completion suggests "return", and when I want a newline, I complete the "return" first. This doesn't affect C++ (because of the trailing ";"), but it does affect other languages.
  I think this is pretty much the same issue. Maybe it should be solved by hiding the completion window if it was not explicitly invoked if there is any entry matching what you currently typed?
  Then typing Foo would not have the completion window open at all in the described case (thus solving your problem, as well as mine), and if you still wanted to complete BarFoo, you would press Ctrl+Space.

  R39 KTextEditor


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