D22059: Enlarge the find and replace add-on combo boxes

Kåre Särs noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jul 10 21:55:22 BST 2019

sars added a comment.

  Sorry for the late review.
  I like this last layout! :)
  I'm not totally convinced about the QPushButton to QToolButton change. The idea is that the "options" behave more like check-boxes and that the other "real-looking" buttons execute an action when clicked.
  Is it intended that there is a double space between the next button and search place combo?
  With the minor fixes to the tool-tips and maybe a revert of the button types I would be ready to commit this.


> search.ui:290
> +       <property name="toolTip">
> +        <string>Replace All</string>
> +       </property>

This should be "Replace one at a time" if we actually need it.

> search.ui:296
> +       <property name="icon">
> +        <iconset theme="view-list-text">
> +         <normaloff>.</normaloff>.</iconset>

This icon does not really show what the button does... I think it is better to not set an icon if it does not help to identify the action.

> search.ui:313
> +       <property name="text">
> +        <string>Replace Checked</string>
> +       </property>

We probably do not need a tool-tip that is exactly the same as the text on the button

> search.ui:316
> +       <property name="icon">
> +        <iconset theme="view-list-details">
> +         <normaloff>.</normaloff>.</iconset>

I think it is quite hard to get an icon that shows "Replace checked" graphically. The Oxygen version does not look like a check list...

I think that an icon on this button also eats a bit too much space as it is right now...


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