kate lsp client plugin

Mark Nauwelaerts mark.nauwelaerts at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 18:04:30 BST 2019

On 10/07/19 16:28, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> Hi,
>> Interesting ...  at present the "servermanager" sends a (meaningless)
>> document revision-id to the server, but it may well send a revision
>> obtained from MovingInterface (and lock as well). Some simple RAII
>> wrapper (with shared semantics) can be made for a "locked revision"
>> and a collection of those (for current known/tracked documents)
>> returned from servermananger to caller (when requesting a document
>> sync/update to the server).  That (RAII) collection can then be
>> captured into the lambda (if so deemed desired/useful by caller) so
>> that the (old) revision is available for translation to current(cursor
>> positions) when processing response.  Shared RAII will then release as
>> and when ok by all holders.
>> In case of symbolview, that is probably not needed, since the outline
>> is a "moving target" anyway when typing frantically and will update
>> (accurately) to latest state when typing seizes.
> Hmm, I think for the symbol view it would be not that bad, given at least 
> normally
> it will perfectly fine translate the line moves and you don't need to trigger 
> reparsing
> that often at all. But it is nothing critical.
>> However, it is as noted useful for well-aimed highlighting, and also
>> when the time comes for processing server TextEdits (e.g. formatting).
> Yes, for that it would be much more important.
> Dominik linked you some pull requests for some smaller changes, you could take 
> a look at that.
> If you have some further changes, it would be cool if you can push them,
> I want to take a look if I could improve the highlight further ;=)
> Greetings
> Christoph
>> Regards,
>> Mark
Ok, I pushed all I have here (specifically the highlight stuff).

I had a look at those requests and accepted them, which turned into Approved for 
one of them, but not so for the other (in a more confused state?).  I assume the 
actual landing is then done by back-end and/or submitting author?


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