D21876: When loading a session always load the "open recent" list

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Mon Jul 8 21:14:42 BST 2019

ahmadsamir added a comment.

  In D21876#492553 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D21876#492553>, @cullmann wrote:
  > Hmm, the constructor actually already does:
  > m_fileOpenRecent->loadEntries(KConfigGroup(sconfig, "Recent Files"));
  That uses katerc, not a .katesession file.
  FWIW, in one of the iterations working on this diff, I tested by creating a signal, sessionLoaded, that's emitted at the end of loadSession(), the problem was a KateMainWindow hadn't been created yet, so it never caught it in time... it would work when opening/loading a session from the Session menu, but not when launching kate.
  I think the easiest solution is to create a new main window if needed in loadSession, startupKate() will do it once control returns to it anyway.

  R40 Kate


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