kate lsp client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Mon Jul 8 17:35:41 BST 2019


> The changes were fortunately sufficiently separated, so the merge
> worked out fairly well (and I did not have to do the parsing code
> anymore ;-) ).  Incorporating/combining the "highlight" highlighting
> (minor pun) into that of the other calls (along with marking) should
> now not be so difficult and will be finished soon-ish.

:=) Nice that I didn't cause you too much work.

> Thanks for the advertising, that's one of my (many) not so strong
> points, so if someone handles that then ...

If all I have to do is write some blog posts, this is no problem.
Just keep the nice patches coming.

I "presented" the current state at work today, at least my Kate using 
was impressed what already "works" at the moment :=)


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