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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Sun Jul 7 14:09:10 BST 2019


>>> Greetings
>>> Christoph
>> I probably "duplicated" the Position and Range type in an attempt/idea 
>> to make the lower level protocol/server only depend on own or "low 
>> level" (Qt) types.  But that is not quite primordial so if it 
>> alternatively also works and compiles that way ... albeit then 
>> probably with some adjustment here or there for line() or column() 
>> accessors.
>> So I kept going ;-) and then I should probably mention that I added 
>> support for "references".  And moreover also added a minimalistic 
>> (bottom) toolview and arranged for adding marks (markinterface) and 
>> highlight (movingrange) for the (location) results of "definition", 
>> "declaration" and "references".  They are also cleared at suitable 
>> times.  As such, it is then a small (planned/next) step to do so as 
>> well for "documentHighlight".  As you presumably already have the 
>> parsing for the latter, I could push the (almost finished/polished) 
>> former (on "references" and such) this evening, and then you could 
>> rebase (cough, or a tad more than that)?  Or alternatively, if you 
>> prefer I could integrate/rebase your patches if short on 
>> time/opportunity.
>> Beyond that step, I was/am planning to handle diagnostics 
>> notification, along with any highlighting/marking that might involve.  
>> So that will also involve that (code) area ...
>> Regards,
>> Mark.
> Ah, forget a lot of that, I did not notice you had already pushed it
> ... so I will take care of integrate/merge/rebase anyway ... ;-)

hope you get no large conflicts, if there are any issues, feel free to 
revert things I pushed ;=)
I can reintegrate, too, if wanted/needed.


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