D22199: New plugin to open the selected file path

Arnaud Ruiz noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jul 7 09:12:31 BST 2019

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> pino wrote in plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:58
> This should be "Open Selected Paths"; see https://hig.kde.org/style/writing/capitalization.html

Ok, changed. In fact, menus are not capitalized in my native language, but they are with "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 kate", hence the misunderstanding.

> pino wrote in plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:134
> This is more general thing to take into account, as I mentioned in another comment: what if the selection contains more than two paths? A space or a newline between them does not make much difference.

It won't open anything if there are more than one path in the selection (the file existence test will fail). I don't think it's possible to manage multiple paths without doing important assumptions on separators. Maybe you have a good idea to manage them ?

> pino wrote in plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:135
> No, QUrl::fromLocalFile() always assumes it is a local file, using a local "file" protocol. The "remote files" mentioned there are simply Qt things, not a general stuff -- it will not handle `http://www.kde.org/file.txt` at all.

I changed the code to support http://-like paths.

  R40 Kate


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