D18475: Add AsciiDoc support

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andreasgr added a comment.

  In D18475#400238 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18475#400238>, @nibags wrote:
  > Hi!!
  >  Please, also add a test file in: "autotests/input/". To generate the files in "folding", "html" and "reference" use `make test` and `autotests/update-reference-data.sh`.
  > I am not a reviewer, but I want to add some recommendations in relation to the itemData's:
  > - On lines 467, 476 and 485 you use harded colors for the fonts. Ideally, don't use them, but use the default styles, since a better visualization is achieved in the different schemes: https://kate-editor.org/2014/03/07/kate-part-kf5-new-default-styles-for-better-color-schemes/
  > - On lines 469 & 471 you use background color, and on lines 466-467, 473-474, 479-481 and 490 you use background color, but not font color. Try not to use background color if it's not necessary,  to get a better visualization in the different schemes. However, if you need background color, it also specifies the font color, to avoid readability problems in some color schemes (for example, the background color `&monospaced_bg;` with `dsNormal` is not readable in dark schemes).
  Hi @nibags,
  many thanks for your feedback.
  I will see what I can do about the test file.
  Regarding colours, this was mostly done to make the highlighting look similar to the default output created by Asciidoctor.
  Your point about different schemes is a very valid one, though. I need to reconsider the style choices.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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