D17693: DocumentPrivate: Treat some chars also as "auto bracket" only when we have a selection

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Thu Jan 24 15:34:40 GMT 2019

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  Ok, that behavior you describe is bad. I would get annoyed by that, esp. since the list of chars that you use are totally language specific.
  If you want to get this behavior for Markdown, then we need to store that data in the syntax file and make it accessible at this position. in the `<general>` section we already define how single/multiline comments are handled. We would need something similar for this feature, e.g. add something like the following and make it accessible through the syntax-highlighting API:
        <bracket open="(" close=")" />
        <bracket open="[" close="]" />
        <bracket open="{" close="}" />
        <bracket open="<" close=">" />
        <bracket open=""" close=""" />
        <bracket open="'" close="'" />
        <bracket open="´" close="´" />
        <bracket open="`" close="`" />
        <bracket open="_" close="_" />
        <bracket open="." close="." />
        <bracket open="," close="," />
        <bracket open=";" close=";" />
        <bracket open=":" close=":" />
        <bracket open="|" close="|" />
        <bracket open="-" close="-" />
        <bracket open="+" close="+" />
        <bracket open="^" close="^" />
        <bracket open="°" close="°" />
        <bracket open="&" close="&" />
        <bracket open="#" close="#" />
        <bracket open="@" close="@" />
        <bracket open="~" close="~" />
        <bracket open="*" close="*" />
        <bracket open="!" close="!" />
        <bracket open="?" close="?" />
        <bracket open="$" close="$" />
        <bracket open="§" close="§" />
        <bracket open="%" close="%" />
        <bracket open="/" close="/" />
        <bracket open="\" close="\" />
        <bracket open="=" close="=" />
  Of course the initial, common, brackets should be the implicit default when no `<brackets>` group is specified in a language file. And then we probably need more meta data that specified that some of the brackets above only should be added when we have a selection. Just add a `requiresSelection` or similar attribute?

  R39 KTextEditor


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