D18164: Review KateGotoBar

Christoph Cullmann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 16 16:10:20 GMT 2019

cullmann added a comment.

  In D18164#394498 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18164#394498>, @loh.tar wrote:
  > - Fix typo of member vars
  > - Add missing setView(m_view)
  > - Remove FIXME hint about timer, however would a comment for me nice
  > - Use QString()
  >   Things which could be improved or not
  > - The up/down buttons are a little bit small, have tried to give them the hight (and width) of the hight of the other buttons, but without    success. Ideas?
  > - There is no tooltip on the spinbox and Goto button
  I can live with that ;=)
  > - The spinbox will not adjust its size and value boundaries when you paste text while its shown. Try:
  >   - New file->show bar
  >   - Paste 10+ lines
  >   - Spinbox keep size of one digit and can't be set to an other value as 1
  Perhaps one wants to connect to the textChanged signal and update the range.


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