D18164: Review KateGotoBar

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jan 15 20:14:24 GMT 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  > I have the feeling it adds more clutter than it helps by default:
  Code clutter or what? The functionality is lovely and I can't see in which way It may someone jar
  > I think <CTRL+G> <CTRL+V> <ENTER> is quite fast.
  For a keyboard-virtuoso for sure. I'm one of those who use often the mouse.
  > this leads to having "Gehe zu" twice in the ui, which is a bit confusing imho. Other opinions?
  Um, I think you misread my post. That's my comment to the current situation, without this patch(?) With patch is the pic in the test plan.
  Regarding code comments, will fix it when it got in general an "OK"


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