D17971: Revive External Tools plugin

gregormi noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 9 21:40:08 GMT 2019

gregormi added a comment.

  This is definitely worth to proceed, thanks!
  Some things that come to my mind
  - Set a keyboard shortcut (like in KDevelop's screenshot)
  - +1 to "On-Save" trigger, as sbrauch suggested (then the order of the tools - if there than one is allowed - should be considered)
  - Ability to define tools that can be shipped with Kate by default (e.g. git commands like view history for current file, blame, commit)
  - Run in separate Konsole (if it is an interactive tool like a debugger, profiler, git interactive rebase etc.)
  - Ability to see the exact command with all placeholders expanded prior to executing for analysis or manual tweaking
  - More control over the output pane; this is more about the capability of Kate's output panes:
    - Code checkers would need a list result (e.g. see the Project's plugin's Code Analysis result view) with parsing logic of the text output
    - For compiler output it would be nice if there is plain text output on the one hand and parsed output on the other hand (to easily step through the error list)
  - Control of where the external tool can be invoked: main menu, editor view's context menu, tab context menu, project plugin's tree context menu
    - Tagging or another categorization mechanism to be able to give many tools some structure

  R40 Kate


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