D18125: KateStatusBar: Add dictionary button

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loh.tar added a comment.

  The shown dictionary is sometimes "wrong"
  - Mark a word by double-click and choose a dictionary different from the default for that word
  - Click/move into the word -> The shown dictionary fit
  - Double-Click that word again -> The shown dictionary is the default one
  Due to the way how the dictionary is reported is it correct. It's always right from the cursor position and when the word will selected is the cursor at the end of the word. (To talk about it, helps! Add a check for selection and ask right from cursor in cursorPositionChanged() may fix that)
  The language/dictionary code is sometimes a little long, e.g. "en_US-wo_accents".
  - How about to cut all and only keep "en_US"? But I have no idea how such codes may look. Always like "xx_YY" or may that differ?
  - How about to show a flag/ensign instead of the code? Is there some stuff in KDE which may helpful?
  - Sure, then we have a less precise info there, but will someone use different variants of the same language at a time?
  Currently is a "special" dictionary not added to the menu. Mainly because it fit not into the "Preferred" section (and secondarily the needed member variable does right now not exist). To have more than one group need some effort to handle. To rename the group may a way, but how?

  R39 KTextEditor


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