D17599: Confirm closing if multiple tabs are open.

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> shubham wrote in katemainwindow.cpp:1220
> how do I get the currently active KTextEditor::Document to pass to the closeDocument().
> Currently it closes last tab, just need to get the tab number of active tab, but how?

Please read a bit more in the code: KateMainWindow has a viewManager(), and this has a activeView(). Since you are currently in the KateMainWindow, you can simply write

  auto view = viewManager()->activeView();

and you have the active KTextEditor::View, which will give you the document etc.

> dhaumann wrote in katemainwindow.cpp:1204
> This is wrong: we should not create new GUI widgets in a close event.
> Simply ask the Document manager (KateDocManager?) how many documents are open. You can find plenty of uses of the document manager in the code.

Well, now that you found KateApp::self(), the next step is also to first check whether the MainWindow is the last one to close, since we support multiple mainwindows (View > New Window).

That means, you have to also check:

  && KateApp::self()->mainWindowsCount() == 1

Otherwise the message box is raised even though the application is not shutting down.

  R40 Kate


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