D18083: Search plugin: Add helpful buttons (mainly) for the Regular Expressions switch

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Sat Feb 16 17:04:16 GMT 2019

gregormi added a comment.

  In D18083#413722 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18083#413722>, @cullmann wrote:
  > That I don't misunderstand: the clickable thingy is the thing shown in the first screenshots inside the lineedits?
  Yes, two commentors don't like these in-lineedit buttons
  > I would have no issues with that.
  Me neither (if they are indeed too obstrusive I have no problem to hide them again)
  > The tooltip variant is IMHO too intrusive, you just hover there by accident and get a "big fat" thing thrown on you ;=)
  :-) - The tooltip in the screenshot shows the original version where I wasn't aware that we have a nice context menu with these items. If the in-lineedit buttons won't be accepted, the master tooltip would be extended with a minor addition to point to the existence of the context menu.

  R40 Kate


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