D19051: [RFC]DocumentPrivate: Auto unwrap line when text is removed

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  Such patch seems to be missing to achieve the desired behavior to auto
  reformat a paragraph with enabled static word wrap.
  The reformat takes without this patch only place when text is added but
  not removed.

  - Enable static wrap
  - Enter enough text to force auto wrap over a couple of lines
  - Add at some point in the middle of your text a "hard wrap/new paragraph" by simply press ENTER
  - Add in the upper paragraph more text -> lines below will auto reformat down to "hard wrap"
  - Remove new added text by DEL -> with patch paragraph gets reformat too
  - New behavior also affects text which was wrapped by "Apply Word Wrap" when static wrap is off, but for me is that's fine
  - It's looking similar as done at other places but I'm not sure if it's best this way due to my goals mentioned elsewhere
  - In current state can this patch crash when do "undo"

  R39 KTextEditor



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