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  In D17971#405295 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17971#405295>, @dhaumann wrote:
  > - I like the idea of "Show as popup" or "Display as inline note". I was misunderstanding this first, though: For "Display as inline note" I first thought of the new InlineNoteInterface, but I think you are talking about KTextEditor::Message.
  Actually, I meant both, KTextEditor::Message for "Show as popup" and InlineNoteInterface for the other one. For first one, there are some use cases; the second one could be used to display git blame information more persistently than with a disappearing note. Both nice to have, of course.
  About the variables:
  there might be the wish to do some action (formatting, annotating) on the current view, therefore the suggestion:
    CurrentDocument:View:StartLine    - the first line that is at least partly visible in the current view
    CurrentDocument:View:EndLine      - the last line that is at least partly visible in the current view
  Maybe also because we have RowCount, but I have no use case yet:
    CurrentDocument:CharCount            - Total number of characters in the current document
    CurrentDocument:ByteCount            - Total number of bytes in the current document

  R40 Kate


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