D17971: Revive External Tools plugin

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Mon Feb 4 21:37:43 GMT 2019

dhaumann added a comment.

  - cursor position: Ok I agree, indeed I was stumbling over this as well. So blindly set it to the previous position, and if possible keep the scroll position.
  - default vs not default: The problem with default tools is always that we have no idea what users will want to do. Adding e.g. git-cola (which imho makes sense) likely does not help 95% of the users. Especially others like qmlscene preview are even more special. I am not yet convinced to have all these as defaults in the list. I would rather want to add a "External Tools > Configure" entry to make configuration more accessible.
  - cowsay: I see. Still, I think in most cases you need escaping. I can have a look again into what KShell::splitArgs() supports...
  - KateExternalTools::ScriptsPath: Hm... that sounds like a nice try of adding something, along the lines of "QuickCoding" that never worked for users. As soon as it gets more complicated, noone except me (who write this) will understand anymore. ...or you need much more UI, which yet has to be invented.
  - I like the idea of "Show as popup" or "Display as inline note". I was misunderstanding this first, though: For "Display as inline note" I first thought of the new InlineNoteInterface, but I think you are talking about KTextEditor::Message.
  - Variables/Qt Creator: Because I think some are confusing. E.g. CurrentDocument:Column is less clear to me than CurrentDocument:Cursor:Column. Further, Qt Creator uses CurrentDocument::Row, where I prefer "Line", so it's CurrentDocument:Cursor:Line. For CurrentDate, I changed to Date, since it's shorter and another Date than "Current" does not make sense at all anyways (you would hard-code it then). Well... in the end, it probably does not matter much.
  - XPos, YPos: Yes, you could start a tool at a specific position of the screen, making it look as if you have a context menu on the cursor position. E.g. kdialog --geometry... (seems to not work, though). But I think it could be useful (Qt Creator has it, too)

  R40 Kate


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