Open Header plugin for OCaml

Pino Toscano pino at
Sun Dec 29 19:05:40 GMT 2019

Hi Kate people,

(please CC me, I'm not subscribed to your ml)
the current Open Header plugin works great with C/C++ sources, thanks
(using it for many years already).

There are also other languages that have similar concepts of
interface/implementation for their sources: one I'm working with is
OCaml, where .mli the interfaces (not mandatory though) and .ml are the

My idea what to adapt the Open Header to do the job done in
PluginKateOpenHeader::slotOpenHeader() for sources/headers also for
OCaml implementations/interfaces, and mention .ml/.mli in UI strings &
documentation. The work done is not really difficult, I have most of
locally already.

Before I go ahead and push it, is there anything wrong in the approach
I took?

Pino Toscano
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