Regarding contribution in Knotes.

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Fri Dec 13 18:18:22 GMT 2019

On 2019-12-13 10:59, Shubham Mishra wrote:
> Hi, I am a regular user of knotes  and now wants to contribute in it.
> Valorie said me that kate developers manage knotes so i join this
> mailing list
> I have a feature in mind that Knotes doesn't have a implicit setting
> of getting start automatically in every session. I will be glad to add
> this feature in knotes with some mentoring.
> should i go for it?


I think that is a misunderstanding.

The Kate team takes care of Kate & KWrite (and some libraries).

I think KNotes has no active team working on it at the moment.

If you have some ideas for improvements, perhaps report a bug at

with your improvement idea.


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