Adopt .clang-format?

Mark Nauwelaerts mark.nauwelaerts at
Sun Aug 18 09:29:30 BST 2019

On 17/08/19 23:37, Daan De Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> Inclusion of a .clang-format file in the Kate repository would enable
> more consistent formatting of Kate's source code. Is this something
> that would be considered? I'm not particularly interested in
> bikeshedding what style should be used, I mostly want to be able to
> press a formatting shortcut and not have to worry about formatting
> code review comments when I make a merge request. It should also mesh
> nicely with the added LSP support as clangd should automatically pick
> up a project's .clang-format file and apply its settings when
> reformatting (although I'm not sure if Kate already supports
> formatting via the LSP client).
The LSP client supports protocol format requests (either for selection or whole 
So it would indeed mesh nicely :-)


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