Adopt .clang-format?

Daan De Meyer daan.j.demeyer at
Sat Aug 17 22:37:49 BST 2019


Inclusion of a .clang-format file in the Kate repository would enable
more consistent formatting of Kate's source code. Is this something
that would be considered? I'm not particularly interested in
bikeshedding what style should be used, I mostly want to be able to
press a formatting shortcut and not have to worry about formatting
code review comments when I make a merge request. It should also mesh
nicely with the added LSP support as clangd should automatically pick
up a project's .clang-format file and apply its settings when
reformatting (although I'm not sure if Kate already supports
formatting via the LSP client).

Should we adopt a .clang-format file, we would have to consider
whether reformatting would be done gradually or all in one go (which
has the annoying side effect of making it a lot harder to use git
blame). There's also the question of whether correct formatting would
be enforced (although setting this up might be more trouble than its

Any thoughts?



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