D23061: Possiblity to change Definition data after loading

Nikita Sirgienko noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Aug 12 12:56:58 BST 2019

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> dhaumann wrote in definition.h:339
> Please improve the API documentation and add, for instance:
> - Only existing keywordLists() can be changed. For non-existent keyword lists, false is returned.
> - @see keywordList(), keywordLists()
> What I am currently also missing is a section about highlight invalidation: Does one have to trigger a document rehighlight oneself, and if so, how?
> My point is: Assume a doc is highlighted up to line 100. Now you add keywords to a list that are used in these 100 lines, i.e. the highlighting may change arbitrarily.
> How is the KSyntaxHighlighting user supposed to trigger a rehighlight? Or should one only change keyword lists before highlighting any document?

I more thinking in variant, when the highlighting more dynamic, and is done more, that one time. For example, in Cantor, we rehighlight whole worksheet, when a new variable created in curresponding session. So, if you write "my_var = 3" in Python session (and run command cell with this command), "my_var" starts to highlight by Cantor as variable after that.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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