LSP client project-specific include dirs

Diggory Hardy lists at
Mon Aug 12 11:49:21 BST 2019

That works, thanks (though it's a shame compile_commands.json can't be
accessed directly from the build/ dir; most projects use this).
Now I've managed to crash clangd :-(
On Mon, 2019-08-12 at 12:34 +0200, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> On 2019-08-12 12:27, Diggory Hardy wrote:
> > Dear all (but especially Christoph Cullmann),
> > thanks for the great work on the LSP client, which now works
> > quitewell with Rust code!
> > When trying to use this with a C++ project, I have an issue with
> > itbeing unable to find header files. With KDevelop I am able to
> > solvethis problem by specifying a project-specific include
> > directory. Howshould I solve this with the LSP client? I see no way
> > of configuringinclude dirs, either within LSP configuration or the
> > Project plugin.
> This relies on having some compilation database file.
> e.g. CMake can generate that and you can symlink it into your source
> tree
> see
> GreetingsChritoph
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