lspclient update

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Fri Aug 9 19:19:29 BST 2019


> I am trying to add some support for onTypeFormatting, but it's a bit
> of a long shot at a moving target since e.g. clangd support there is
> also in "recent flux".  So, in any case, it will not be enabled by
> default.
> Besides/beyond that maybe some default shortcut keys could be added
> for some actions (I am used to F2 for goto definition by the way ;-) )
> and some plugin documentation could be added/started.

nice progress ;=)

I moved the default settings out from the code to a settings.json in the 

This allows for easier manipulation of the defaults than coding the json
data in C++.


I added an alternate "commandDebug" for the debug variant of the command
if the env var is set to LSPCLIENT_DEBUG.

I added some default setting for go LSP server, too, works nicely here 

Will try if I can add some more server configs.


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