D23034: implicit fallthough if there is fallthoughContext

Nibaldo González noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Aug 9 16:47:57 BST 2019

nibags added a comment.

  I think it's an improvement, but the ideal would be to maintain support for `fallthrough="bool"`. That is, if the `fallthroughContext` attribute is present, assume `fallthrough="true"`, unless "fallthrough=" is explicitly written.
  What I don't agree with is modifying all *.xml files, since this implies using `kateversion="5.62"`, which will generate problems for those users who install the *.xml files manually in previous versions of KDE Frameworks (and not all GNU/Linux distributions have the latest version). This, considering that this is just a "cosmetic" change in the code of the *.xml files.
  So, I propose two alternatives:
  - Maintain support for `fallthrough="bool"`, as an optional attribute (i.e., what I wrote at the beginning), as a transition and in a future version, such as KF6, completely eliminate the "fallthrough" attribute, since as jpoelen says this is redundant.
  - Now remove support for the "fallthrough" attribute (what jpoelen proposes), but don't modify the *.xml files to maintain the compatibility of these files in older versions of KF5. No *.xml files uses `fallthrough="false"` or "fallthroughContext" alone, so this doesn't cause regression. In that case, it should be announced in the documentation that this attribute is obsolete.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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