D20852: Fix to show folding preview when move the mouse from bottom to top

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Apr 27 10:57:59 BST 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  > Have the feeling kateview_test testDragAndDrop fails more and more often. Have already spend a lot of time in look at that but without success
  Harr, with that change it looks good here. Need that a Diff here or can I commit without?
     commit a8d726dbf651fde07fe2ebb1d00a055a6a0dac5d (HEAD -> fix-drag+drop-test)
     Author: loh tar <loh.tar at googlemail.com>
     Date:   Sat Apr 27 11:47:08 2019 +0200
         Fix kateview_test testDragAndDrop
         Since a while has that test not reliable worked, looks now OK here
    diff --git a/autotests/src/kateview_test.cpp b/autotests/src/kateview_test.cpp
     index cb7cb3d4..1b8d71eb 100644
     --- a/autotests/src/kateview_test.cpp
     +++ b/autotests/src/kateview_test.cpp
     @@ -451,6 +451,8 @@ void KateViewTest::testDragAndDrop()
         QCOMPARE(view->selectionRange(), Range(1, 0, 2, 0));
     +    QTest::qWait(0); // For whatever reason needed
         const QPoint startDragPos = internalView->mapFrom(view, view->cursorToCoordinate(KTextEditor::Cursor(1, 2)));
         const QPoint endDragPos = internalView->mapFrom(view, view->cursorToCoordinate(KTextEditor::Cursor(3, 0)));
         const QPoint gStartDragPos = internalView->mapToGlobal(startDragPos);


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