D19438: Add syntax definition for Elm language to syntax-highlighting

Nibaldo González noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Apr 5 21:20:26 BST 2019

nibags added a comment.

  - Running `make test`, after adding a new file to `autotests/input`, will throw an error in "testhighlighter_test", "htmlhighlighter_test" and "folding_test", since references haven't been updated.  It's normal to show you that error.
  - You have to execute the `autotest/update-reference-data.sh` script to update the references (new files will be copied to folding, html & reference). When running again `make test` everything will work fine.
  - Having the outdated base shouldn't be a problem, although you can update it to the last master with:
    git fetch
    git rebase --onto origin/master master
  - Also: in the log you used `cmake ./`, I recommend using another folder to avoid problems when updating the diff  (because I wrote that you compiled with "cmake ./"): `cd ./syntax-highlighting/build && cmake ../`

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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