D15804: Fix Duplicates on Quick Open File

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Fri Sep 28 12:57:52 BST 2018

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  In D15804#333199 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15804#333199>, @tcanabrava wrote:
  > In D15804#333171 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15804#333171>, @cullmann wrote:
  > > Could you do some perf profile with e.g. hotspot to see what is the "slow" part?
  > >  Nothing against std::vector instead of QVector, we need no sharing here anyways.
  > I did. the slow part was copying the QStrings into the allDocuments.
  >  I tried to use QStringRef but since the QStringifycation comes from the QUrl::toString() I didn't managed to get a ref of it.
  This is the slow hotspot.
    foreach(const QString& file, projectDocs) {
          QFileInfo fi(file);
          allDocuments.push_back({ fi.fileName(), QUrl::fromLocalFile(file).toString(QUrl::NormalizePathSegments), false });
  Followed by the sort + erase.
  But this is not that slow anyway (remember, to be noticeable it needs to be more than 70.000 files in my 5y old machine)

  R40 Kate


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