D15804: Fix Duplicates on Quick Open File

Tomaz Canabrava noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Sep 28 11:53:48 BST 2018

tcanabrava added a comment.

  Profilling done:
  New Code:
  takes ~90 millisecconds to load 73.000 files (my work project)
  takes ~30 milliseconds to load 15.000 files (GammaRay)
  Old Code:
  takes ~70 milliseconds to load 73.000 files 
  takes ~25 milliseconds to load 15.000 files
  Bottom line is: New code is slower, but not that much, and it feels instant even when the folder has a huge file tree as my work project does, but the code is much more readable and does not have the bug that displayed duplicated files.
  replacing QVector by std::vector improved the speed by around 10 milliseconds in the worst case.


> anthonyfieroni wrote in katequickopen.cpp:208
> Why from latin?

this is from the old code and I didn't changed.

  R40 Kate


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