Disable incremental search

rhkramer at gmail.com rhkramer at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 16:23:53 BST 2018

I'm using:

   * kate 3.8.4 on Debian 7.11 (Wheezy, iiuc) (everyday)
   * kate 3.14.2 on Debian 8.11 (Jessie, iiuc) (occasionally)
   * Within the next year I hope to upgrade to the latest stable Debian and 
the associated kate (which probably won't be the latest)

My question is, is there a way to disable incremental search?  (in the 
versions of kate that i"m using?  In a later version of kate?)

I have a workaround -- my workaround is to start the search with the cursor in 
front of a word, which puts that word in the search box and leaves the cursor 
where it is, I then (carefully) type in my search terms after that word, after 
which I delete that initial word.

I work in what are, to me, big files (20 to 100 megabytes), and with a lot of 
folds.  If it is not obvious, my problem is that if I delete that inital word 
first, the search goes all over the place as I type in my search terms, and, 
further, at each of those locations, unfolds portions of the document which I 
would much prefer to keep folded.  

(If I allow that to happen (unintentionally), I have to go around the document 
refolding those sections for easier navigation by other methods (e.g. 

If there is not a way to disable incremental search, suggestions on easier to 
use workarounds or other approaches will be appreciated.

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