D16054: Show partial path in Tabswitcher Ctrl+Tab list to distinguish equally named files

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Wed Oct 17 22:47:43 BST 2018

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> dhaumann wrote in tabswitcherfilesmodel.cpp:33
> What license is this? Since we seem to reuse logs of code, this is important :-)

On  https://helloacm.com/c-coding-exercise-longest-common-prefix/ the footer says "All rights Reserved © 2014~ 2018"
On https://helloacm.com/coding-exercise-source-codes-and-binaries/ there is a list of all examples and it says:

"The programming examples are as ‘it is’. I do not hold any responsibility for damages/loss caused by running them."

Does the 'as it is' already means we can use it? What if I reimplement it and still come up with a similar solution? Should I try to contact the site owner?

  R40 Kate


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