D8708: Introduce AbstractAnnotationItemDelegate for more control by consumer

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  In D8708#337408 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D8708#337408>, @dhaumann wrote:
  > Hm, given the size of the patch, and given it introduces new public API we cannot easily change, I think a silent +1 since noone reacts is not good enough.
  I agree that the amount of review done is not good enough. I would have liked some more feedback on both the patches, but most people sadly never got further than "nice feature, looking forward". I was very glad when you did your initial review :)
  On the other hand I have reiterated these patches a few times while they waited on phab for review, also tried multiple approaches last year before uploading the delegate one. So while my perfectionism-self still sees some issues in the new API, my pragmatism-self is actually pretty okay with it.
  The additional things I would have liked in the API actually would mean some rework of the currently line-based rendering approach inside `KateIconBorder`, which due to review needs might have worsened the chance of getting at least the basic feature in at all. So I dumped that work and reduced the patch to what we have now.
  > That said, I will not have time for another review until Oct 14th - so I would appreciate another review by someone else, if possible.
  Given this is API only needed for KDevelop 5.4, which might happen only begin of next year, I am okay with delaying another KF5 cycle/month, and schedule now to target 5.23 (merge after 5.22 has been tagged). If this actually means getting deep embracing reviews :) I was only going for action seeing that no-one seems to (have time to) care, before this feature is reaching it's first anniversary here on phabricator in November :( Not sure if I should have nagged more to get you to review this? But then I dislike being nagged myself for things which are pretty visible on phabricator, unless it's quick simple patches.
  So, anyone thinking they will have time & interest to do a full review in the October weeks?
  And I still think the annotation border feature would be a nice tool for people using kate/kwrite on versioned documents as well (given there is some VCS support to hook in). Is this really no use case Kate users have as well? -> https://frinring.wordpress.com/2018/09/09/from-code-to-related-bug-report-or-review-in-just-a-hover-click/ Or do people not use Kate to work on old codebases? :P
  (a future planned addition will be integration to addressbooks/gravatar, so you could see the faces of the authors and/or have the option to directly contact them in case of need. All that could be done as one finds fancy thanks to the new delegate API introduced here, without having to twist something in KTextEditor)

  R39 KTextEditor


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