D17243: Only cal updateView() in visibleRange() when endPos() is invalid.

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Thu Nov 29 20:26:02 GMT 2018

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  visibleRange() has a side-effect that the visible range is updated every time the function is called. This is a big problem in createHighlights().
  I created a dummy XML file that has an almost 4096 characters long line. I then used the search plugin to replace >< with >\n< to split the line.
  Without the patch on my computer it took 1 min 30s to split the lines.
  With this patch the time went down to 48s.
  The time is still bad, but much better ;)
  I wonder if the comment on line 3318 "//ensure that the view is up-to-date, otherwise 'endPos()' might fail!" warns about some corner case that I have not encountered...

  R39 KTextEditor



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