D17145: Don't reverse order of files opened from the command line

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  In D17145#365759 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17145#365759>, @brauch wrote:
  > It has often been discussed whether bug 398525 is actually valid, without real conclusion. Since the tabs do not show all documents, but only the n most recently used ones, it to me makes a lot of sense that new documents are added at the left, and then "drop off the shelf" towards the right if they are not being used, into the dropdown-menu.
  I think the file4 file5 file6 file1 file2 file3 behavior is in line with that philosofy. Every invocation to kate sets the new group on the left, but with the new fileset traditionally ordered. Heavy CLI users like me organize their files without using spaces and we use names and numbers so to have a positive interaction with shell globbing. Having kate behave different than the rest of the tools was driving me crazy. Lets say you want to edit the init scripts which are named starting with a number as the order:
  kate -ns initScriptsSession ./*.sh
  And the 99 script is opened, which as a new user was confusing. Without using mouse then I should do alt left left left untill the script named 10 is selected. Because I think from 1 to 10.
  Reminds me of winamp in which you had to select first the last song, then shift click the first song otherwise you would listen to the album in reverse. LRU has it's place but not respecting the order of the user args in a single kate command is not a good idea IMHO

  R40 Kate


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