D17124: Don't reverse order of files opened from the command line

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  In D17124#365557 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17124#365557>, @gmolteni wrote:
  > In D17124#365212 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17124#365212>, @ngraham wrote:
  > > Thanks! I can verify that this fixes the case where you do `kate file1 file2 file3` when kate is not already open; now they are opened in the correct order! But when Kate //is// already open with a few files in tabs, the new files are opened in tabs but in the wrong order. Do you think you could fix that too?
  I think that perhaps fixing it is an advanced topic.
   The original fix I did was to reverse the order of a foreach loop.
   I already located the other foreach loop that is necesary to reverse in order to improve that second case,
   but the final result needs a third fix (i will try to but i guess it requires scratching the code much deeper).
  With the current fix (foreach at line 178 at kateapp.cpp) :
  kate f1 f2 f3     --- 1st  invocation produces --->     f1   f2   f3
   kate f4 f5 f6     --- 2nd invocation produces --->     f6   f5   f4   f1   f2   f3
  Fixing a second foreach loop (foreach at line 423 at main.cpp) will gave us this:
  kate f4 f5 f6     --- 2nd invocation produces ---> f4  f5  f6   f1  f2   f3
  However, the main issue here is that i have no idea how to let kate to insert the files
   to the right of list instead of the left of the list.
  I will invest some time trying to understand kate deeper, but I have no idea where how to find
   that part of code.

  R40 Kate


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