D17103: SpellCheckBar: Use DictionaryComboBox instead of plain QComboBox

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Thu Nov 22 15:19:41 GMT 2018

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  It would be nice someone could explain, or point me where to read, why there is no (more) direct use of Sonnet stuff in KTextEditor/Kate.
  1. KTextEditor::SpellCheckBar looks (almost) the same as Sonnet::Dialog but has differently ingredients. I had expect, after my first poke around in Sonnet, that these are appear in Kate. Yes some, but not all.
  2. I was even more surprised to see that Sonnet ships some demo/test applications where the spellcheck, respectively correction by mouse, works like a charm with a morphed context menu shown only what is of interest, where as Kate shows the full menu where you have to fiddle down/around which is pretty annoying, almost unusable.
  To 1., if it is desired to get rid of KTextEditor::SpellCheckBar and use Sonnet::Dialog, I would try to do it. The usability of both are not so nice. I use the Nano editor for some tasks and like there spell check user interface, very handy. Well, it's for me indeed a major reason to use Nano at all. So, I would try to "copy" that interface.
  To 2., needless to emphasize, I like to see that in Kate too

  R39 KTextEditor


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