D16927: KTextEditor : disconnect contextmenu from all aboutToXXContextMenu receivers

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Fri Nov 16 16:24:29 GMT 2018

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  `ViewPrivate::contextMenu()` has a surprising way of handling the `ktexteditor_popup` menu aboutToXXX signals: it disconnects them from the current ViewPrivate instance and then reconnects them to the same instance.
  I think the disconnect should be from all receivers that were once connected to the menu show & hide signals. Doing that resolves the issue where `ViewPrivate::aboutToShowContextMenu()` is called for all open KTextEditorViews that once had the context menu open, instead of only for the view that is currently active.
  BUG: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=401069

  Build KTextEditor with a debug trace to `ViewPrivate::aboutToShowContextMenu()`, e.g.
    void KTextEditor::ViewPrivate::aboutToShowContextMenu()
        QMenu *menu = qobject_cast<QMenu *>(sender());
        if (menu) {
            if (mainWindow()->activeView() == this) {
                qWarning() << Q_FUNC_INFO << "emitting contextMenuAboutToShow for foreground view" << this;
                emit contextMenuAboutToShow(this, menu);
            } else {
                qWarning() << Q_FUNC_INFO << "NOT emitting contextMenuAboutToShow for background view" << this;
  Now open Kate with multiple documents. Right-click in the active document, notice only that view emits `contextMenuAboutToShow`. Activate other documents one after the other, right-clicking in them, and notice how the previously active documents would have emitted the `contextMenuAboutToShow` signal.
  This is resolved by applying this patch. Opening the context menu in a long-running multi-document session keeps feeling snappier during the entire session too.

  R39 KTextEditor



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