D16370: KTextEditor : syntax definition priority UI usability

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Nov 12 22:53:49 GMT 2018

rjvbb added inline comments.


> dhaumann wrote in katemodeconfigpage.cpp:95
> I would prefer to set this in the ui file: The maximum is already set to 99. I think it makes sense to set the minimum to -99 there. Can you provide an updated patch?

Actually, 99 must be the default maximum because I couldn't find where it's set in the ui file...

> dhaumann wrote in katemodeconfigpage.cpp:97
> I agree with Christoph, we have no tooltip anywhere so far, so this would be inconsistent.
> @ngraham Do you have any comment on this from a usability perspective? I have the feeling that how to show whats-this infos should be maybe solved in a more general way, and not for just one specific spin box.

I'm removing the tooltip then. There's very little place to add an explicative label; the only thing I can imagine is adding one somewhere that says something like "select a control and hit Shift-F1 for instructions"

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