D16779: kate-ctags plugin: support KDevelop (WIP)

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Fri Nov 9 22:15:12 GMT 2018

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  I'm a bit confused... I thought KDevelop had much more advanced plugins/features for this? What does KDevelop need this old plugin for? Non-C/C++ languages or what?
  The ctags configuration is much simpler and automatic for the user in the Kate Project plugin so I have actually been thinking about deprecating the standalone ctags plugin. Before I can do that tho, I would have to implement the missing jump to definition/declaration/back to the project plugin. There is also the global database that would need to be added to the project plugin before feature parity is achieved.
  I have not started any of that yet so it is not something that definitively will come any time soon, but just making clear that I'm not super dedicated to the current plugin as it is right now.
  Now to the review:
  Ship it :)
  I would probably add the word "global" or "common" to "Update the Database" to not confuse the user with updating the session specific database...

  R40 Kate


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