Bookmarking gives error message out of characters?

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at
Sun Nov 4 16:44:30 GMT 2018

Hi other parties,

Using Kate Version 18.08.2, in PCLinuxOS64 up to date, on a Dell E6520.

this is using Plasma 5.50+, 12 GiB of ram.

     Well I use the bookmark feature and am being told continually
as I make a new bookmark that there are no characters left?

I only have about 12 book-marked lines in a file that is 621 lines
     I would like to have about 25 bookmarks available.

Is there a buffer for bookmarks that can be increased in size?

     I wish the insert file plugin could be brought back.

     Finally I downloaded the Kate manual today searching for answers
and it is not correctly  Lots of runtogether words and links
that are obscured by what should be neighboring characters
rendered in Ocular.
     Then I went to the web site and worked my way backwards through
a year of postings.  Saw no note of the bookmark problems but
my use of Kate on PCLinuxOS seldom(if ever) crashes the system.

     Bobbie Sellers aka bliss-sf4ever at
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