Issue with Kate Vertical Split View

NELLS K.S louisnells at
Thu May 24 11:21:06 UTC 2018

I am using KATE v17.8.1 (KATE PART v5.38.0) and I am facing some issue with
tab list on vertical split view.
On splitting the editor view vertically it is showing separate list of tabs
for each vertical view. i.e. It lists identical set of tabs on each view.
After splitting the view on opening a new file the new tab is getting
created only on the specific view. On the other sibling view don't have the
same tab and the same file has to be opened separately on that view.
But on closing the a file on one view, it is getting closed only on that
view. For the other view the file tab still exists in it's list of tabs.
I remember on older versions (few years back) there used to be a shared
list of tabs for all vertical views. Please let me know if there is any way
to change the tab list behaviour to be in shared mode ?

                                            Thanks & Regards
                                            Nells K.S
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