Kate global tab bar, instead of a set of tabs per split view?

Steve Mo stevenm86 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 14:52:40 UTC 2018

Hello. I am not subscribed, so please CC me on responses.

Prior to "kate5", it seems like the main Kate window could be split
vertically/horizontally into multiple views, but the "tab bar" extension
maintained a "global" list of open documents. That is, there was only one
tab bar for the entire editor, and it contained tabs for all open
documents, regardless of how many split views were open.

However, starting with kate5 (or so it seems), I see that *each* split view
gets its own dedicated tab bar, and there is seemingly no way to share tabs
across split views. That is, if I split the screen vertically in two, I end
up with two separate tab bars. And, if I open File A on the left view and
File B on the right, there is no way to swap these files between the left
and the right view, unless I open each file in each view separately (for a
total of four tabs).

Thus, if I have a somewhat complex split view geometry (based on workflow
preference) and I am editing a fairly large set of files, I must open all
the files I want to edit, in all the views I have open, since there is no
way to move tabs across views (or to share tabs).

Can anyone think of a way to restore the "kate4" tab behavior, where the
global Kate window has a single tab bar containing all currently-open
documents, regardless of the number of split views that may be open?

Thank you!
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