RFC/PATCH: kcolorschememanager support for kate

Thomas Fjellstrom thomas at fjellstrom.ca
Thu Mar 29 15:52:11 UTC 2018

Hello Alexander,

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Hello Thomas,

17:21, 29 марта 2018 г., Thomas Fjellstrom <thomas at fjellstrom.ca>:


Long time no speak. I like to use a dark color scheme for coding most times, 

but I like a light theme for most apps. Having kate's windows all be light, 

but the textview be dark was a bit glaring to me. So I did some googling and found

that kdevelop added a settings menu option to pull up the kcolorschememanager dialog.

I was the guy who did it

Ah, good to know :)

screenshot: https://imgur.com/1xcPQT2

I've attached the diff. It's quite simple.

Comments/Suggestions are welcome. Let me know if its something that's wanted or not.

You should send patches to https://phabricator.kde.org/ 

This mailing list is not intended for code review.

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware. I've not been active in kde for a long long time.

I've already submitted it.


Thanks for your effort, you're always welcome.

No problem.

p.s. I'm the dude who hacked up the "new" documents tree view. 

I've been occasionally following, and was trying to track bugs for it, 

but never seemed to get any notifications for them, so I eventually lost track.

I'm still willing to support it if the need is there.

Thomas Fjellstrom
thomas at fjellstrom.ca


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