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Wed Mar 28 09:34:48 UTC 2018

Hi Kåre,

As I wasn't approved to the ml it took me some time to realise there was an answer...

> Hi,
> On onsdag 28 februari 2018 kl. 22:56:00 EET Dr.-Ing. Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> >/Hi, />//>/cool ;=) />//>/> Hello everyone />/> />/> KDE Binary Factory is generating stable Kate builds for quite a while />/> now and I think it would be a good idea to use />/> them as the official Kate installer for Windows. />/> />/> The release process would be as follows: />/> />/> Download the builds build from />/> />/> />/> />/> />/> />/> Do some testing and then upload it to />/> . />/> />/> Kevin wrote some nice blog posts about Binary Factory
> . /
> I just tested the newest installer :)
> I think it is super to be able to just copy an automatically built installer! 
> There are a couple of issues with this installer tho that could be improved:
> 1) The installer did not detect the already installed version and even lets 
> you install itself multiple times...
That's not 100% true, it just doesn't recognize your old installer which
used a different registry key.
So once updated it automatically uninstalls previous installs on update.
> 2) The installer size is just ~6MB bigger than the current installer, but the 
> installed size has jumped from 160MB to over 400MB. There are a lot of 
> unneeded files installed like share/common-lisp :) but that is also just a 
> mater of fine-tuning the installer.
Sure the installer size could be reduced by a bit.
> Noting tho that 150MB of the new installer is dictionaries that the old 
> installer downloaded on demand. I do think that that extra 150MB might be 
> worth it as we then do not need to have special dictionary downloads in the 
> installer and Internet connection during install.
The old installer downloaded a handful of languages while the new
provides all dictionaries from libreoffice.
Installer size is important for people in areas with a bad internet
connectivity, installed size isn't that important nowadays.
> I know tho that it is not so easy to remove installed files, because it might 
> not always be so easy to know what feature you might break as the application 
> does start, but some feature might be broken and you do not know which one...
> If we would _add_ diff and kompare to the installation we probably would get 
> the file modification dialog to work, which it does not at the moment (also the 
> current/old installer lacks these)... There is a lot of small things that 
> could be done :)
> >//>/As I am not the Windows guy here, perhaps Kåre wants to give his input, />/if he is ok with it, we should link that stuff on the website, too. />//>/Thanks for all the works besides! />//>/(both to Hannah + Kevin) /
> Yeah, thanks for doing the automated installer build!
> Greetings,
>   Kåre
> >//>/Greetings />/Christoph />//>/> Cheers, />/> />/> Hannah /

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