Add Recent Files configuration option to KWrite?

Joachim B. jblist at
Thu Jun 28 09:58:07 BST 2018

On Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:57:20 +0300
Kåre Särs <kare.sars at> wrote:

> Hi,
> On onsdag 27 juni 2018 kl. 14:57:36 EEST Joachim B. wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm wondering if there is any way to disable the Recent files list
> > in KWrite. In Kate this is possible by changing the number of
> > remembered files to 0 in the UI. This option does not exist in
> > KWrite, and I haven't found any way of doing so in the code.
> > 
> > Kate has the following option in katerc:
> > Recent File List Entry Count=0
> > 
> > If KWrite is meant to have a subset of functionality of Kate, and if
> > the configuration has been excluded because of that, I understand.
> > However I would then argue removing the Recent files list
> > altogether, rather than just removing the configuration. All or
> > nothing would be better.
> > 
> > My reasons for wanting to disable the Recent files list are two.
> > 1) I expect this configuration in all software that includes a
> > recent files list as a general privacy option.
> > 2) It seems all the files in the list are read or checked when
> > KWrite starts. If there's a file in the list from my external
> > harddrive, the UI will hang and become unresponsive while it spins
> > up, which takes at least 10 seconds. This is very annoying, as I
> > would expect a light editor to launch immediately, not wait for a
> > drive that isn't needed to spin up.
> > 
> > Even better would be to not only add configuration of recent files
> > in KWrite, but also change this behaviour of checking the files in
> > the recent files list. But there may be reasons for this behaviour
> > that I'm not aware of. If the intention is to remove files from the
> > list that don't exist anymore, I think this is misguided. I would
> > have no problem being told the requested file doesn't exist when I
> > choose it in the list, rather than having to wait for the editor to
> > spin up every drive in the system.
> > 
> > Thanks for reading, I've searched for info regarding this, but
> > haven't been able to find any. If this has been discussed before, I
> > apologise and would appreciate any links available.
> > 
> > Joachim B.
> > 
> > PS.
> > I have sent a very similar request to okular-devel, as this
> > configuration is missing in Okular as well.
> > DS.  
> This should be a bug report :) Can you create one and copy paste the 
> description of the problem to the report so that we don't forget it?
> (Mail threads can easily be forgotten) 
> I checked KWrite and it uses  KRecentFilesAction to list the recent
> files and just does not have the setting for max number of entries. 
> I think the problem is in KRecentFilesAction in KConfigWidgets, but
> just set the bug for Kate for now.
> /Kåre

Thanks Kåre. I started typing up a bug report but I'm now having
trouble reproducing the problem of the UI freezing while waiting for a
drive to wake up. Frustrating, as I've had this issue for more than a
year, and the moment I decide to report it, I can't make it happen. Oh
well, I guess I can still ask for the configuration to be added.

I find the KDE "universe" a little confusing, so many different portals
and pages in some half-finished state. It's difficult for a newcomer to
know where to start, so I tried the mailing list... :)

Thanks again,
Joachim B.

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