Add Recent Files configuration option to KWrite?

Joachim B. jblist at
Wed Jun 27 12:57:36 BST 2018


I'm wondering if there is any way to disable the Recent files list in
KWrite. In Kate this is possible by changing the number of remembered
files to 0 in the UI. This option does not exist in KWrite, and I
haven't found any way of doing so in the code.

Kate has the following option in katerc:
Recent File List Entry Count=0

If KWrite is meant to have a subset of functionality of Kate, and if
the configuration has been excluded because of that, I understand.
However I would then argue removing the Recent files list altogether,
rather than just removing the configuration. All or nothing would be

My reasons for wanting to disable the Recent files list are two.
1) I expect this configuration in all software that includes a recent
files list as a general privacy option.
2) It seems all the files in the list are read or checked when KWrite
starts. If there's a file in the list from my external harddrive, the
UI will hang and become unresponsive while it spins up, which takes at
least 10 seconds. This is very annoying, as I would expect a light
editor to launch immediately, not wait for a drive that isn't needed to
spin up.

Even better would be to not only add configuration of recent files in
KWrite, but also change this behaviour of checking the files in the
recent files list. But there may be reasons for this behaviour that I'm
not aware of. If the intention is to remove files from the list that
don't exist anymore, I think this is misguided. I would have no problem
being told the requested file doesn't exist when I choose it in the
list, rather than having to wait for the editor to spin up every drive
in the system.

Thanks for reading, I've searched for info regarding this, but haven't
been able to find any. If this has been discussed before, I apologise
and would appreciate any links available.

Joachim B.

I have sent a very similar request to okular-devel, as this
configuration is missing in Okular as well.

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