D13517: Fix QuickOpen with Qt 5.11 (bug 395039)

Sven Brauch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jun 13 15:41:51 UTC 2018

brauch added a comment.

  Looks like it was already fixed for Qt 5.11.1, e15fc26e9fdbff141890a3e2e8dc4ef935d022a0 sounds a lot like it:
  > commit e15fc26e9fdbff141890a3e2e8dc4ef935d022a0
  >  Author: Christian Ehrlicher <ch.ehrlicher at gmx.de>
  >  Date:   Fri May 25 21:06:43 2018 +0200
  >   QSortFilterProxyModel: don't assert when old model gets destroyed
  >   When a new model was set with setSourceModel() and the mapping was
  >   built up, the destruction of the old model caused a reset in the
  >   QSortFilterProxyModel which lead to an empty view or an assertion.
  >   Now we properly disconnect the old model again and also clean up the old
  >   mapping/persistent indexes when a new source model is set.
  >   Task-number: QTBUG-44962
  >   Task-number: QTBUG-67948
  >   Task-number: QTBUG-68427
  >   Change-Id: I2e0612899c210bde3ac0cfa59aefd78269deee5b
  >   Reviewed-by: David Faure <david.faure at kdab.com>
  That also changes the code I think is relevant for this bug, i.e. QSortFilterProxyModel's setSourceModel() method.

  R40 Kate


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