[PATCH 0/8] SymbolView: Be a little smarter and avoid cpu last

loh.tar loh.tar at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 23 17:45:54 BST 2018

>It would make sense if you submit your patches in phabricator.

Ähm, OK. I have now such an account but...I'm to stupid to go on.

I'm sure the developers of these phabricator a super proud of there product and 
all these fancy naming, but it's not very self-explanatory. At github will you 
guided from the start to all what you need and a tiny search give an answer in 
no time. Here give a search results about all but not what I was looking.

So, I tried to clone kate by the green button

but there pops only a box up where I can copy the URL to clone. To the right two 
buttons "cloud" and "key" where I can see no effect. Last the "close" button, 
that works like a charm. 


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